Please join us in praying for one nation under God, using the Every Home for Christ US prayer map:   (lists the population of the state, and the current percentage of evangelical Christians, and other information)

"We give thanks to God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, praying always for you, since we heard of your faith in Christ Jesus and the love which you have for all the saints"       Col. 1:3-4

Pray for:   open hands (workers), open doors (opportunities), open minds (to the good news), open hearts (to follow Christ), and open heavens (miracles, signs, and wonders confirming God's word)

Day 1 - Maine

Day 2 - New Hampshire

Day 3 - Vermont

Day 4 - Massachusetts

Day 5 - Rhode Island

Day 6 - Connecticut

Day 7 - New York

Day 8 - New Jersey

Day 9 - Pennsylvania

Day 10 - Ohio

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