48-State Tour

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Some friends and I were called to do a tour by van of the 48 US continental states in the month of May, 2018,  to pray and to advocate for prayer and missions.

We followed the US prayer map from Every Home for Christ - we had been using this tool for some time to pray daily for the 50 states

https://www.ehc.org/free-prayer-maps    FREE!

...so Maine gets prayed for the first day of the month, New Hampshire the second day of the month...Delaware gets prayed for the 13th of every month along with Virginia.... North and South Carolina the 14th.... etc.

Please continue to pray along with us!    We met with several of you and now we have faces and places for informed intercession. 

From Wells, Maine, to Wells, Nevada, and all areas around and between, lets re-open the wells of salvation, prayer, missions, and revival, and dig new ones!

Here's what we shared prior to the trip:

Marty Mattocks, IHOP-FS (International House of Prayer, First State):


For a long time I've had a crazy idea/had it on my heart to actually take a trip to the states on the day I'm praying for them (using the EHC US map mentioned above) - as a current and future aid to prayer and as an act of prayer/to put feet to my prayers.

Through two prophetic words I've received from others not knowing my plan, and the fact that my employer freed me for the entire month of May, I am stepping out and doing it (and a conviction if I didn't do it, it would be unbelief and disobedience, no matter the cost; and due to the critical time our nation is at right now).

I don't know all that God has in store for the trip but I believe, in order,

1. I'm to go and pray 

2. I am to advocate for, and make aware, prayer and missions opportunities (Every Home for Christ, Tent America, houses of prayer)

3. I have some truths/techniques about prayer that I can share that may be helpful to others if there is an opportunity

4. I will learn of prayer and missions opportunities, and will look for opportunities to be used to share God's good news on the trip

(letting Holy Spirit orchestrate on a case by case basis)

If you have any contacts that would be interested in our visiting them, let them or me (814-777-4365) know please.

Please pray along with us!   Come join us if we're in your area!

Donna Tidwell, Director, Delaware House of Prayer, Immanuel Church, Wilmington DE

(Along with her awesome husband Tim, has been leading monthly 12 hour meetings in Wilmington, DE, for seven years with the help of their home church, Immanuel Church.   http://www.dehop.org/  https://www.immanuelchurch.us/ )

"First of all I am honored, excited and humbled that I get to do this!

May our awesome Lord have His way in signs and wonders and miracles in everything we do!

My reasons for the Mission Trip:

(Prophesied that my feet were going places 3 years ago)

1. Its an honor to go pray to the states on assignment- (spiritual navy seals! Yay!) (God equip us with wisdom!)

To be under an experienced Intercessor such as Marty. Humbled! I want to learn the depths of intercession from the Lord and team.

To be touched and changed from glory to a new glory. 

2. Carry out the vision, help out (drive, finances, prayer, musically, teach hop)

3. Spread the Word, evangelize, pray, get word out about ATD, HOP, and EHC

4. God would use me in gifts of knowledge and prophecy to enlighten His people and pull them out of darkness. Salvation to the lost.

5. To grow in faith.

6. For a deeper understanding of Christ and the hope of His calling. 

7. Obedience. "

Mary-Ellen Petitt, Director, Praise House of Prayer For All Nations/Sound-Fire Restoration

(Mary-Ellen, with the support of her husband Joe, has been Aliyah coordinator for Delaware and New Jersey with Jerusalem House of Prayer for All Nations since 2014, and has been leading monthly burns for four years at her church, Praise Tabernacle, Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey, as P-HOPFAN).     http://www.praisetabernacle.com/

"Years ago a Prophetic word came to me of a person with a suitcase and the American flag was on it. For me always called to Israel Hebraic roots to release that Spirit of Truth flow through me here and to all nations, stand with Israel. 

Another prophetic vision released to me some years ago. I see you driving in a submarine. Already had word spoken over me of navy seals. This was clearer picture. Hidden, going deep with the Lord, His secret weapon. Sonar capability tied to Father's heart beat. Appropriated blood of Jesus to land, water, people. Nuclear powerhouse - Holy Spirit dunamus; Kavod Shekinah Glory of God manifestation. On Earth as it is in Heaven."




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